This is my favorite spot to mount a PT in a topless TJ. Even with 6 sizeable tires all this 6x6 needs is one PT10.
This Nitto Tundra travels light but won't hit the sand without a spare tire
and a Power Tank.
I can look at this Bronco for hours. That's a PT15 and Super Bracket with
three clamps. Niiiice.
You may know this guy. He's been a PT believer for years. Look at the PT5
mounted on his comp rig.
This is the nuttiest Tundra I've ever seen and I like the air system in the
With a Power Bracket and a PT15 here's a nice mounting system in this
Xterra. Nice color match.
Soon after this photo was taken Zack re-located his Power Tank down in a
less exposes spot. Thanks, Zack.
Twin Power Tanks ride in this monster FJ40 mounted in black Power Brackets
and our red ABC clamps.
When a door panel is as sturdy as this discovery's it makes a great spot to
mount a PT bracket.
Even motorcycles get flats. But with a PTM-0125 you can ride with
Mounting a PT onto a stock YJ roll bar with roll bar clamps is one of the
easiest installs in the world.
The PT10 looks like it was made to go in this spot in an FJ Cruiser. PT10 with a custom flame job mounted to a custom bracket mount welded to a
custom roll bar. Nice, Dave.
Scott always rides solo so this very unusual PT location is perfect for him
in his Competent XJ.
When do you know when a Sportmobile is really used off road? When you see a
PT mounted inside.
When Alexis Carvallo plays he plays hard. Despite some hard landings this
dual Power Tanks mounted on his roll bar didn't move.
This is the control center for a Dave Matthews band. Ever wonder how they
keep their high dollar equipment clean?
JK 4 Door with Powertank JK 4 Door with Powertank
Jk 4 Door with Powertank JK 4 Door with Powertank
TJ with Powertank TJ with Powertank
Glenn came up with a great mounting solution for a soft sided SUV interior. That is ¼” steel plate with a 45 degree bend. Excellent idea.
This photo leaves no doubt about the preparedness of this Cruiser.  Notice how he cleverly mounted his ARB manifold to the side of his bracket.  His yellow hose is simply connected to the ARB manifold when it's time to hit the trails and then switched to tools if a repair is required.  Good job. Here is a nice shot of another Wrangler-mounted Power Tank™ in the rear corner. This one also uses the lock-box mounting bracket to bolt the Power Tank™ bracket to.
This clean 2nd generation 4 Runner has a custom bent tube bolted to the floor that his mounting bracket is secured to.
Now here is the cleanest custom mounting of a Power Tank™ that we have ever seen. In fact, this beautiful rig sports one PT-10 system on each side! Note the hole cut into the deck where the head of the Power Tank™ pops through. This man is a thinker.

Note: Both of those Power Tanks™ together weigh about half of what the dog weighs.
Chris Geiger of All Pro Offroad likes his stuff clean and custom.  He made this slick Power Tank mounting bracket for his new Land Cruiser project vehicle.  Chris knows to always remove his Power Tank from the horizontal bracket before using it.  Very nice.  CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE.
Brian sent pictures of his very clean TJ showing his Power Tank mounted on the back rack.  The location and the workmanship are excellent.
Now this mounting location is a no-brainer for anyone with a pickup. This smart truck owner knows that it is easier to access his Power Tank™ mounted vertically and in the rear of his bed since he has a shell.  Those without a shell or with a CanBack top can mount your Power Tank™ towards the front of your bed and still have easy access.

"It took a bit of work to get everything to fit in the back of the truck where I wanted it to, but the installation came out perfect and very clean. I ended up using 2" wood spacers under the brackets cut to match the bracket bottom profile. I sealed and painted these black. That elevated the bracket enough to get the locking straps to clear the roll bar that runs behind the front seats when opened and also perfectly aligned the center rear mounting holes with the body capping. I bolted the bracket bottoms the wheel wells using 5/16" stainless steel bolts, washers & nylock nuts. I also installed rivnuts into the body capping and bolted the back of the brackets to the capping. So the installation is very strong and the tanks are well protected by the roll cage." Barnett- '95 D90 CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Lookin' good!

This Power Tank™ mounting location is spotted often on Jeeps with rear racks. Because this Power Tank™ sits outside 24/7 it's nice to protect the expensive regulator from the elements with a regulator cover (part # RB-01). We like how the new black tank matches this nice black Wrangler. Very Clean.
Jim and Sherrie Strachan have one of the cleanest '48 CJ2As we've ever seen.  Check out that custom Power Tank mount made by R/T Welding & Fab. Click the mount for larger picture. This very clean TJ shows how you can use the "lockbox option" mounting holes that lie behind the carpet for bracket mounting. Two holes drilled through the bracket were all that were needed for a secure hold. He points out the metal hooks that are in the floor that the bracket would have sat on had it not been for the carpeted wood spacer that he made. Good job.
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