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Power Shot TRIGGER System, 20 oz.

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HD push-on chuck.
Steve airs up tires before a ride.  Quick tire top off.  One bottle will give me ~30-60 cycle tire top offs.  "On long trips I take my Power Shot along with me in case I get a flat.  I carry the plugs too which work on tubeless cycle tires."
Drive your street rod to shows with a little less worry.  You can easily plug a hole and iar back up in 5 minutes with this kit and bottle refills are cheap.
The perfect emergency tire repair kit for this GT3 which does not come with a spare.

Power Shot TRIGGER System, 20 oz.

List Price 199.94

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**NEW COLOR ( Matte Black )
Have you ever wished for a mini tire repair kit that you could carry with you while out on your quad, motorcycle, or your street rod in case you got a flat. With the parts in this little kit you can repair almost any flat in any tubeless tire and air it up within seconds. If your low profile tires are low on that Porsche, BMW or Escalade this product will air them back up on the spot. If your street rod doesn't carry a spare then you definitely need one of these. Comes with a special Power Trigger regulator, CO2 bottle, steel braided hose, zippered storage case, tire pressure gauge, and plug kit. One bottle can fill 3-5 car or SUV tires and can inflate even high pressure tires quickly. Get these bottles filled at paintball shops (avg. fill cost - $3-4) or fill them yourself with our refill accessories. Get one now. It may end up saving your bacon.
This system comes with either a 0-100 PSI digital tire pressure gauge for regular tires or a 5-120 PSI tire pressure gauge.

(from customer)
Hi Bob,
I mentioned your products on the Rennlist forum for Porsche owners. The newest cars don't come with spares, only goo-in-a-can and an 1-800 phone number.

(Power Tank)
My product suggestion is the PTM-0125. It's small, complete, and easy to use. I carry one in my Boxster and my wife's van. Show me a flat tire from a nail and I'll have it back up and ready to roll in less than 10 minutes with this little kit. No jacking up necessary.

The PTM-0125 will not goo your tire and valve stem, goo is messy, goo needs to find the hole so you have to roll the tire right after you put it in (tough on the side of a busy highway, goo cans don't have enough air to inflate your tire completely and if your nail is stuck up near the side wall the goo will not get to the hole.